François Ier protégea Léonard de Vinci.


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12 November 2015

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François Ier protégea Léonard de Vinci.

The sound for 'François Ier protégea Léonard de Vinci.' says 'François premier protégea Léonard de Vinci.' Is this an error?

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12 November 2015


Bonjour Robert, No, it's not an error. Ier is the Roman number I (one) followed by er - it's just another way of writing 1er, the abbreviation of premier.


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26 April 2017


THE RULE: Notice that cardinal numbers (deux, trois, quatre...) are used for royalty where ordinals (second, third, fourth...) are used in English, except for 1st = Ier / premier.


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16 January 2018


The pronunciation in "François Ier protégea Léonard de Vinci" and "J'ai bu un tiers de la bouteille." is not as clear as the pronunciation of other speakers in this lesson.

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