How come?

CécileKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Hi John.

There are two expressions, 'avoir du courage'  (to have courage ) or 'être courageux' (to be brave/courageous) .

So it will depend which you choose to use :

"Ayons du courage! " or

"Soyons courageux! "


Hope this helps!

No idea. What was your question?

Sorry Chris, I've lost this now but as I remember it the answer to 'Let's be courageous' is given as 'Soyons courageux'. My Collins-Robert dictionary gives 'Avoir du courage' as 'to have courage'. As with 'raison' and 'peur' shouldn't courage take avoir?



Hi Cécille

It's clear now, thank you.


How come?

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