How would you simply say "I have my BA?"

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24 December 2017

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How would you simply say "I have my BA?"

In English I would say "I received my BA in 1995" when referring to a specific point in time but in general conversation with someone I would simply say "I have my BA" to indicate that I had that degree so how would I make the distinction in French or do you simply not have that meaning in French?

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25 December 2017


Bonsoir Kari, Here is the lesson example that addresses your question: Youpi! J'ai eu ma licence! ---> Yippee! I got my B.A.! It is in the following lesson:


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29 December 2017


Bonsoir Kari !

You would simply use the verb avoir in Le Présent:
J'ai une licence d'Histoire / d'Anglais.
I have a B.A. in History / in English Studies.
Bonne journée !

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