Imparfait vs Compose practice 10/01/19

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12 January 2019

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Imparfait vs Compose practice 10/01/19

"Re the imparfait v past compose practice, 10/1/19:- 

1, you say that "a regarde" should have an "s" after the "e". Why? Surely with avoir there is no agreement? 

2,the same with "a pardonnes" lower down. Surely this also should just end with an "e" acute! 

3, finally, when she pardons us, that is an action that is over and done with, a once and once only act, therefore why is that not past compose? 

Many thanks, Tim

P.S. Sorry, can't do accents on my keyboard!


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14 January 2019


Bonjour Tim !

Those are more advanced cases of agreement in Le Passé Composé.

Here is a link to the related B2 lesson :

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée !


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20 January 2019


Merci Aurelie

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