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25 August 2018

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Still confused

I've read through the questions and answers below, but still don't understand the following example.

Test question: "I haven't been in France for long?" (ie, I recently arrived and I'm still here; ongoing).

From the lesson it seems the best construction would be: Ne...pas + Présent Indicatif + depuis longtemps (started a short while ago and is still ongoing).

But Kwiziq says the best answer is: Ne...pas + Passé Composé + depuis longtemps (not for a long time / not in ages).

If someone could explain it more clearly, thanks.

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26 August 2018


Hi Lewis,

I will try and explain further but I can understand your confusion ...

I am not sure what test you are referring to, but have a look at the following examples:

Je n'ai pas mangé depuis trois jours. = I have not eaten for three days. (meaning it is likely to change today)

Je ne mange pas depuis trois jours... = I have not eaten for three days...(meaning it is likely to carry on today and it is maybe worrying you 

On ne se parle pas depuis longtemps. = we have not spoken for ages . (sounds  like you won't do it again, maybe you have had a fall out )

On ne s'est pas parlé depuis longtemps. = We have not spoken in ages. (meaning you need to have a catch-up soon) 

Hope this helps!



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7 September 2018


Should it be: On ne se parle plus depuis longtemps. ?


Kwiziq language super star

8 September 2018


You can say both ....

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