voudrais vs veux when to use which?

DarrenA1Kwiziq community member

voudrais vs veux when to use which?

Asked 7 years ago
AurélieKwiziq team memberCorrect answer
In France, we actually teach children to use "voudrais" instead of "veux" as it is more polite.
"Maman, je veux un gâteau!
- Non, on dit 'je voudrais / j'aimerais un gâteau, s'il-te-plaît maman' "
LauraKwiziq team member
Bonjour Darren ! Je veux means "I want" - it's very direct. Je voudrais means "I would like" - it's softer and politer, so you'd use it when ordering in a restaurant or shopping, for example.
DavidA0Kwiziq community member
Merci pour les exemples.

voudrais vs veux when to use which?

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