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Native French Teachers

The Key to Kwiziq’s Strategy

91% of Kwiziq users surveyed report that they learn French faster with us than any other platform or strategy.

What's the magic behind Kwiziq?

There are many factors in the system's effectiveness, such as:

  • Recall testing
  • Custom Study Plans
  • AI-powered study suggestions

But these wouldn't have much of an impact without the most important element:

Native French teachers create our materials.

Why is this so instrumental in the progress you make as a learner? Find out below, and meet the native French teachers behind our industry-leading tools!

Why French Teachers Create Our Lessons

What's the benefit of using materials created by native French teachers?

You already know the value of practising with native speakers. They have an intrinsic understanding of the language, almost always knowing the most natural way to phrase a sentence.

However, the average native speaker isn't a linguist. While they know how to apply grammar rules, they may not be able to explain all of them. At least, not in a way that's easy to understand.

A native French teacher knows not only how to apply the language's rules to every situation, but how to explain them to you.

Our teachers create all of our French learning resources with learners in mind. From their many years of teaching French, they know which topics trip up English speakers. So they design our materials to help you overcome these specific hurdles.

By using resources made not just by native speakers, but native French teachers, you're receiving the best education possible!

Meet Our French Teacher Team

Our French teachers have over 60 years of teaching experience between them. Even more notable is how highly qualified they are. Let's get to know them!


Originally hailing from Brittany is another one of our French experts, Céline. Her interest in British history led to her pursuing a BA in English Literature and History while in France. From there, she moved to the UK and obtained a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages from the University of Bristol.

Since then, her 13-year French teaching career has included teaching GCSE French in a UK school, as well as privately tutoring for French A-level exams.

At Kwiziq, Céline supports with content and proofreading. She's also one of the experts who answers kwizzers' questions in the Kwiziq French Q&A forum!

Learn more about her history and role at Kwiziq in her team interview here.


Establishing her own award-winning French-teaching institution, Cécile is truly the veteran of the Kwiziq French team.

Having moved to the UK from Versailles at just 18 years old, she began her professional teaching journey with a BA in French and European Literature, followed by an MA in Comparative Literature and Translation Studies.

Then she established her own business, initially teaching French to local businesses, then SMEs and multinationals. It won the Regional Language Trainer Award of the UK's National Languages for Export Awards twice!

After 40+ years of teaching French and running her business, Cécile stepped into semi-retirement. But she still enjoys teaching French on a private basis. At Kwiziq, she loves to help students with their questions on our French Q&A forum.


Growing up in a sleepy village in France, Aurélie is our Head of French here at Kwiziq. She soon left to study first in Versailles (Classes Préparatoires Hypokhâgne/Khâgne), then at the world-famous Sorbonne in Paris (BA in English Studies). From there she moved to London and then recently to Edinburgh, where she's been working as a professional French teacher, translator and linguist for over 15 years.

Aurélie is the expert behind most of the French materials at Kwiziq, having been with the Kwiziq team from the start, over a decade ago. You can read more about her education and background in her team interview.

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