Je viens des Etats Uni.

JosephA1Kwiziq community member

Je viens des Etats Uni.

Asked 4 years ago
AurélieKwiziq team member
Bonjour Joseph ! Almost perfect! Just remember that "USA" is "Etats-Unis" : "Je viens des Etats-Unis." À bientôt !
JosephA1Kwiziq community member
Merci Aurelie. I have to figure out how to get international keyboard for my I pad in order to add aigu to the e. A bientot Joseph
TomA1Kwiziq community member
Joseph, on my iPad I just hold the key and it shows the different accents available. There is also a key with a figure of a globe next to the spacebar which will change the keyboard, Tom

Je viens des Etats Uni.

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