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Kwik Kwiz Question 1


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22 April 2017

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Kwik Kwiz Question 1

Hello, why is it that in all the examples in this lesson 'chaque' means 'each' but the options of answers to this question (Chaque mardi, je vais à la bibliothèque) do not have that as an option (I thought the meaning was 'Each Tuesday, I go to the library')? I am confused. regards Catherine

This relates to:
Chaque, tous les + [duration] = Each, every (indefinite adjectives) -


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22 April 2017


Hi Catherine - thanks for pointing that out - I've corrected that. Of course, in this context "Each Tuesday..." and "Every Tuesday..." mean the same thing so it doesn't matter but if the context were one in which the nuance between them was important then "each" would be the better choice for "chaque". Cordialement, Gruff


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24 April 2017


Thanks Gruff


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31 May 2018


In the weekend challenge, the translation of the english large was large in French. I used grand to translate the English large, because large means wide in French. A little help here? The contest was le plus large secteur.

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