Verbs that go with de?


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22 February 2017

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Verbs that go with de?

What's about verbs that go with de? Like je parle de mes enfants.

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31 August 2017


Bonjour Dzoan, You are on the correct track with your question; however, with one thing to keep in mind. Like the use of «à» following certain verbs, there are certain verbs that the use of «de» is obligatory. Here is a list from another online site that I found: French Verbs followed by “de” There are many verbs followed by the preposition “de”. accepter, accuser, achever, admettre, arrêter, charger, cesser, se charger, choisir, commander, conseiller, défendre, décider, envisager, éviter, finir, se hâter, s’indigner, interdire, jurer, se mêler, menacer, négliger, omettre, suggérer, etc. Here are some examples of the use of these verbs: Ils ont accepté de nous vendre la maison. (They agreed to sell us the house.) On l’accuse d’avoir volé l’argent. (He is accused of stealing the money.) Arrêtez de crier ! (Stop screaming.) J’envisage d’acheter une maison. (I’m considering buy a house.) Il nous suggère de partir tout de suite. (He suggests that we leave right away.) Je vous propose d’écouter cet extrait. (I propose that we listen to this excerpt.) I think I recall reading a lesson on this site about this; however, I am unable to locate it. J'espère que cela vous aiderait. Bonne chance.

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