Suggestion for AI-improvement

Suggestion for AI-improvement

Once I get over a score of 80% at a particular level I usually have most topics down pat with very few mistakes while some other topics I am still a bit unsure and need more practice. Currently, the AI gives me exercises which regurgitate the topics I already know ad nauseam. I feel that this is inefficient for two reasons: (a) it starts to bore me and takes away from the thrill, and (b) it keeps me from practicing the skills I need to learn better. Of course, you should never completely obstain from practicing already acquired skills. However, in my opinion, they could be less prominent toward the higher scores in a level. As an effect of this, advancing from a score of 88% to one of 90% is extremely tedious and boring. A single typo in one area which I already am proficient in can set me back 0.1-0.2%. Getting back to that level requires a streak of about 5-10 perfect scores. And precisely this is very hard because it starts to get boring. So, currently I am hammering away at level A2, trying to get from 88% to 90% and its just killing me because I don't feel I am learning anything anymore. Is there something you can do to improve this situation? Greetings, -- Chris.
Asked 8 years agoAI, scoring
To elucidate: I am on a score of 88.9 on level A2 and I had a streak of 10 perfectly scored tests. Yet I am still at a score of 88.9 on the level. This, to me, means I am practicing a lot of things I already have down pat.

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