aller / to go

Aller (to go) is an irregular French verb.

Je vais à l'école.
I'm going to school.

Nous allons en France.
We're going to France.

Aller is also used to create the near future.

Il va écrire un roman.
He's going to write a novel.

Vous allez être célèbre !
You're going to be famous!

Take a look at our verb tables for Aller (to go) conjugations in all tenses and moods, with sound files.

Lessons with more detail on Aller (to go)

Conjugate aller (je vais, tu vas, vous allez) in Le Présent (present tense)
Conjugate aller in Le Présent (present tense)
Aller + infinitive = to be going to (Le Futur Proche)
J'allais + infinitive = I was going to (Le Futur Proche in the past)
Conjugate aller in Le Futur (future tense)
Conjugate aller in Le Conditionnel Présent (conditional mood)
Conjugate aller in Le Subjonctif Présent (subjunctive mood)
Recognising all -er verbs Le Passé Simple (including aller)
Conjugate all -er verbs in Le Passé simple (including aller)
Expressing how you are with aller (greetings)
Aller à = to suit someone (expressions with aller)
Se promener, promener, marcher, aller à pied = To walk
S'en aller = To leave
Après être allé = After going (auxiliary être)



Kwiziq community member

29 October 2018

1 reply

aller is the base conjugation used in future proche right ?

we use aller in future proche 

is it the only conjugation used in future proche ?


Kwiziq language super star

30 October 2018


Hi Sherin,

Yes it is the same as in English , you use the verb to go ( aller ) to express a near future:

I am going to go to Paris next week Je vais aller à Paris la semaine prochaine

We're going to pay online Nous allons payer en ligne

Hope this helps!

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