Penser + à + infinitive


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18 November 2015

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Penser + à + infinitive

In an article on, Laura Lawless explained that no preposition is needed when an infinitive follows "penser" eg "Je pense aller au marché" ( So why is it that in the given example "We are thinking about doing our homework" the preposition "à" is used before "faire". The example given is "nous pensons à faire nos devoirs". Isn't that a contradiction? I have found other links that seem to agree with the article:,,; but i also encounter a French natives and learners who say you can use the preposition "à" before an infinitive. It seems that without the preposition the sense is someone is close to doing something/intends on doing something (it is already planned) and that with the preposition "à" then idea is someone is just thinking ABOUT doing something. At first I could find nothing to support this theory but today I seem to find such explanations everywhere! So which is it? If there is more to the topic, can Laura add to it on her page "All About Penser"?

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18 November 2015


Bonjour C,

Penser can be followed by à or not, with a very slight difference in meaning.

Penser faire = to consider doing, hope to do

Penser à faire = to have in mind to do

I left About nearly a year and a half ago, but I will keep your question in mind for when I write a new lesson on this topic. (To find my new site, just search for my name and French).


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19 November 2015


Hi Laura, I am on Lawless French. That is where I posted this question. Is that the site you mean?

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